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Our goal in the business-to-business department is to have the best service available allowing you to run your business more efficiently and effectively. We provide delivery, category pricing, and of course, are backed by that awesome ACE Hardware brand. Give one of our business specialists a call today! We look forward to serving you!



What is a B2B account?

A B2B account is where a business is linked to an Ace Rewards account, making account tracking easy. It is not a credit card but a money saving tool for your business.

Benefits of being a B2B customer

It gives you the opportunity of receiving customized pricing specifically for your business.


A B2B account provides personalized delivery plans, and a highly competent team is assigned to your company to fill the product needs of your business.

Products and Services 

Paint & supplies, lighting & electrical, hand & power tools, outdoors equipment & supplies, janitorial & sanitation, plumbing & HVAC, hardware, key cutting, propane exchange & refill, and more. We have products and solutions for your business needs.


Connect with our B2B Team

Would you like to partner with Summit ACE and have the experience of a lifetime? Click the link below to fill out a B2B application

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